Reflexologist Instructor Training 10th&11th Sept 2016

reflex instructor pack

Walmer and Susan Quayle is running this two day Reflexologist Instructor Training. This is the first time Susan has run this course in the South of Ireland so a unique opportunity. AoR approved and FHT Accredited course Qualification gained: Reflexologist Instructor in The Children's Reflexology Programme. 

10th/11th September 2016 in Walmer College

The Children's Reflexology Programme Instructor course has been specially created to empower mums, dads, grandparents and carers to run their own businesses teaching infant reflexology to other parents and carers. Written specifically to empower women with children who may find it difficult to go back to work or secure a job because they have a child as well as older women who may feel pushed aside once they reach a certain age, this offers you the chance to run your own business with a freedom to suit you.

If you would like to become a certified instructor yourself you can enroll in the special training course which will qualify you to deliver The Children's Reflexology Programme and provide you with all the materials you need to give parents and carers the best possible experience. You will also gain access to the members-only areas of this site which provides all sorts of supporting material and helps you to advertise yourself and your courses when you're ready to start.

The course is delivered over three days of intensive training and covers the content of The Children's Reflexology Programme in depth, how to teach it to different groups, teaching techniques, relevant anatomy and physiology, safeguarding, running a business based on what you've learned, and much more. Once you have completed the course, performed a teaching demonstration for your group, and completed some written assignments on anatomy and physiology, parental impact and reflective practice you will become a fully qualified instructor, ready to take The Children's Reflexology programme to the world! The course includes a comprehensive course manual and everything you need to teach the Programme, as shown above, plus a full set of parent packs for your first course, like the one shown below. The course is recognised by insurance companies such as Balens who hold a copy of the certificate and will provide the cover you need to run The Children's Reflexology Programme.

By attending this course you will gain the benefit of:

  • Training in everything you need to know to run The Children's Reflexology Programme including:
    • The simple reflexology you will be teaching to parents and carers.
    • Relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology.
    • Teaching practices and techniques.
    • Running a business based on the programme.
  • All the teaching materials you will need, as shown in the pictures on this page.
  • Specially designed forms and other stationery to help with administration and marketing of your courses.
  • Access to the members area of the website with all its online facilities, including:
    • Your own pages with all your details including courses you are running.
    • A geographical search and enquiry system so parents and carers can find you and your courses.
    • Bespoke printable documents automatically created for you and your courses including posters, flyers, business cards and administrative stationery.
    • Tools to help you manage your costs.
  • Enough sets of training material, including copies of The Mouse's House, to run your first course.
  • Ongoing support in the future as The Children's Reflexology Programme grows with you.
  • The right to use all this under the banner of The Children's Reflexology Programme to improve the lives of parents and carers everywhere!